KaffeeSatz  German Coffee Philosophy. 

> Three characters in a coffee bar argue about life, love and coffee. Featuring german actors Bjarne Mädel, Christoph Weiss, Christoph Tomanek and many episode guests.
Scripts and Directing: Aurel Bantzer
Camera: Hervé Dieu
Music: Dörte Benzner
In collaboration with Torrefaktum Coffee Roastery / Matthias Afken

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"MOLINSKI + PONZIUS"  Hamburger Webserie.

> Two newspaper delivery guys argue about the paper´s daily headlines. They are never on the same page. Moin Moin!
Scripts and Directing: Stefan A. Willner
Production: WillnerMeier & Co / SAW Film
In collaboration with Hamburger Morgenpost

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 TEAM DINNER   A film about courage. 

> The boss of an agency abuses his attractive employee.
Everyone else looks away. Everyone but Marc.
Script and Directing: Aurel Bantzer
Production: Spleen Films
Feat. Jantje Billker, Daniel Wahl, Erik Schäffler

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